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Monday, October 12, 2015

New Mexico Court Urged to Heed Texas Tort Reforms

A medical liability case involving a Texas physician who provided care to a New Mexico resident in Texas should not be governed by New Mexico’s far weaker tort laws, TMA, the Texas Alliance for Patient Access (TAPA), the New Mexico Medical Society, and dozens of other physician groups in both states wrote in a brief to the New Mexico Supreme Court. Access to health care is already challenging enough for New Mexico patients seeking care. New Mexico doctors and hospitals have long relied on referring or transferring sick and injured patients to Texas for specialized care. The willingness of Texas physicians and hospitals to receive those patients may be shaken if the New Mexico Supreme Court upholds a recent state appellate court ruling. That ruling is causing a significant liability risk for Texas doctors, forcing physicians here to consider what patients they will see and under what circumstances they will see them. Unless overturned, this decision will diminish access to care for thousands of Eastern New Mexicans.

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