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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Nation Braces for Supreme Court ACA Ruling

Unclear and uncertain. That’s the forecast for the U.S. Supreme Court’s expected ruling on the King v. Burwell case challenging subsidies for patients who sign up for ACA plans in insurance exchanges run by the federal government. Unclear, of course, is exactly how the court will decide the case and whether it will rule illegal the subsidies in the 34 exchanges that aren’t run by state governments. Texas is one of those 34. Also unclear is how much or how little of the rest of the ACA will be affected by the decision. Uncertain is the response by President Obama or the Republican-led Congress to a ruling that tosses the subsidies. Also uncertain is how such a decision would affect the 1 million or so Texans who have purchased subsidized plans, or the physicians who care for them. Over the years, TMA has proposed private-sector and public-private partnership solutions designed to provide marketplace incentives to increase coverage. We still believe that those proposals, along with needed improvements to Texas’ Medicaid program and other ACA changes we support, can provide better access to quality care for all Texans.

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