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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Goldsmith Asks, “What if the Crowd Is Wrong About the Future?”

What if everything the experts predict for the future of health care doesn’t happen at all? What if we don’t move from volume to value? Don’t shift from treatment to prevention? Don’t put all our eggs in the Integrated Delivery Network basket? Those scenarios are not altogether unlikely, and physicians should prepare for the day we find out “The Crowd Is Wrong,” says health care strategist (and former TexMed keynote speaker) Jeff Goldsmith, PhD. We gathered TMA’s Austin-area leaders plus the heads of some of the city’s most vibrant physician networks to discuss with Jeff his provocative ideas. We concluded that independent practice is indeed viable, and physicians need to work together (as practices and as professional societies) to help each other survive. Thanks to TMA Secretary-Treasurer Michelle Berger, MD; Trustee David Fleeger, MD; former TMA President Bruce Malone, MD; Austin Regional Clinic CEO Norm Chenven, MD; and Kevin Spencer, MD, president of Premier Family Physicians, for joining us.

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