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Monday, May 11, 2015

Congressman Poe Files Bill to Kill ICD-10

It looks like another case of the big guys versus the little guys in health care. Recent reports show that big insurance, big hospitals, and big health care systems believe they’re ready for the Oct. 1 conversion to the ICD-10 coding system. Many private physicians’ offices are not. U.S. Rep. Ted Poe (R-Houston) seemed to be listening when the TMA House of Delegates voted to urge Congress to “permanently abandon” implementation of ICD-10. He filed HR 2126, the Cutting Costly Codes Act of 2015, to prohibit the federal government from requiring the medical community to comply with ICD-10. “The new ICD-10 codes will not make one patient healthier,” Representative Poe said. “What it will do is put an unnecessary strain on the medical community who should be focused on treating patients, not implementing a whole new bureaucratic language.” TMA obviously supports the bill.

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