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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

TMA PracticeEdge Draws Great Response From Physicians

Almost 175 physician practices from around the state have called or emailed to inquire about how TMA PracticeEdge, our new physician services company, can help them. Our team has provided each of these practices additional information about the company, and we have begun to schedule follow-up meetings with those who are most interested. We developed TMA PracticeEdge to bring physicians the technology, expertise, and investment they need to succeed under new health care payment models. I believe PracticeEdge will provide Texas physicians real options to design their own future. TMA PracticeEdge will offer:
  • Accountable care services: the technology platforms, care coordination teams, physician-led network development and management, and contracting expertise necessary to participate in accountable care activities, and to meet market demands to document quality, cost-effective health care.
  • Practice transformation services: Physicians can strengthen their practices operationally and financially by optimizing them using TMA PracticeEdge services, including education and consulting from certified professional coders, medical auditors, and compliance officers.
Interested in learning more about TMA PracticeEdge? Email TMAPracticeEdge@texmed.org.

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