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Monday, January 12, 2015


State lawmakers pour into Austin next week for the start of their biennial, five-month show. The session will be a challenging one for medicine on several fronts. This month’s Texas Medicine includes several excellent articles that show us the lay of the land. And, of course, our Healthy Vision 2020, Second Edition, outlines our legislative agenda. But as hard as our physician leaders and lobby staff work, you’re the one who can make the difference in whether we succeed or fail. Here are five ways you can play a key role in the 84th Texas Legislature:
  1. Stay informed. Subscribe to the daily or weekly version of TMA’s Legislative News Hotline.
  2. Be social. Follow TMA and your state lawmakers on Twitter, and join the #TMASMA (TMA Social Media Advocacy) campaign.
  3. Engage. Share a copy of Healthy Vision with your state senator and representative when they are home during the early weeks of the session. Contact TMA Public Affairs to set that up.
  4. Engage again. Come to First Tuesdays at the Capitol to lobby in person. Mark your calendar for one or more of these dates: Feb. 3, March 3, April 7, and May 5. Register today.
  5. Speak out. Watch for TMA action alerts and be ready to call, write, or visit your legislators before critical votes on key issues.

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