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Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Silly as its name sounds, Twitter is a communication tool of choice for the Texas Legislature. Groups that most effectively use this social network to influence the legislative process have trained their supporters to faithfully echo the organizations’ Twitter messages. This tactic substantially increases the groups’ Twitter reach … and impact. While TMA has been active on Twitter for years and has a large following, our tweets don’t get enough reinforcement from TMA members. As part of our plan to better engage the 85th Texas Legislature at all levels, we’re asking TMA leaders and member physicians to join the TMASMA (TMA Social Media Advocacy) campaign in the Twittersphere. For those new to it, we’ve posted four step-by-step videos that walk you through everything from creating a Twitter account to mastering the medium on your smartphone. Once you’re onboard, be sure to watch for and retweet TMA tweets marked with the #TMASMA hash tag. Check out our six-step TMASMA Marching Orders and get tweeting!

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