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Monday, November 3, 2014


More than 730,000 Texans have purchased health insurance coverage through the Affordable Care Act health insurance marketplace. Since April, many people have used their coverage for the first time but don’t understand what they purchased, what it covers, or how to use it. They are confused. Last fall, TMA launched our “Hey, Doc” educational campaign to provide answers to patients’ most frequently asked questions about the ACA marketplace. We answered 32 questions in the six-month series. As the confusion continues about these new plans, and a new round of open enrollment begins Nov. 15, many of the “Hey, Doc” Q&As are more relevant today than when we first published them. So “Hey, Doc” is back. We are updating and re-issuing our videos, blog posts, and news releases weekly. Feel free, once again, to use the material to educate your staff and answer your patients’ questions.

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