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Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Politics can be an ugly, dirty business. A campaign mailer from a Texas Senate candidate in Fort Worth fits that bill, assassinating the character of physicians all across the country. In not one, but two, mail pieces Senate District 10 candidate Konni Burton says she “will fight to protect the elderly and disabled patients from doctors who want to administer life-ending procedures.” TEXPAC has endorsed Libby Willis — Burton’s opponent — and is working with the Tarrant County Medical Society (TCMS) to turn out the vote for Ms. Willis. TEXPAC District Chair Robert Rogers, MD, who is hosting a fundraiser for Ms. Willis at his home tonight, sent a letter to all TCMS member physicians. “One candidate who wants to be our next state senator from Tarrant County says physicians want to murder our patients,” Dr. Rogers wrote. “This is an outrage! It’s character assassination of an entire profession. She must be stopped, and we have the power to stop her.”

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