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Monday, June 30, 2014


Guided by Board Chair Jerry Hunsaker, MD, and Executive Director Clayton Stewart, TEXPAC is determined to continue to make a big difference in this year’s elections. We do that with grassroots support for medicine-friendly candidates and, of course, political donations. Those contributions come only from TEXPAC members’ dues, so membership is critical. You can join at the Basic, 300 Club, or Capitol Club levels — or be a charter member of our new Patron Club. As TMA Alliance President Angie Donahue writes to her colleagues, “You have the power to advocate for change. You have the ability to be a hero for medicine and a hero for the patients who are unable to garner the strength to speak with one united voice. You have this ability because you have access to the political voice of the Texas Medical Association: TEXPAC.” Please join today.

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