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Monday, June 9, 2014


Dan McCoy, MD, chief medical officer of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas and a member of the TMA Board of Trustees, got a stark view of the other side of the patient-physician relationship when his 93-year-old father fell and broke his hip on a July 4 weekend on his Central Texas ranch. As Dr. McCoy explains in a gripping story on KERA Radio, the fall was the beginning of the end of “Daddy Bill” McCoy’s life. Visits to two different hospitals and emergency departments, a two-day delay in surgery, and an overall lack of coordination of care were the biggest contributing factors. “I know from being an observer in that system that we could have done better,” Dr. McCoy said. “I may be a part of that problem. I’m part of the system. … There was no captain of the ship. We had a model where no one had a relationship. No one knew my dad’s medical history.” In his father’s memory, Dr. McCoy is now crusading to change the health insurance system so physicians have incentives to work in teams, to coordinate care, and to honor patients’ final days.

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