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Monday, May 5, 2014


Between his raps and one-liners, TexMed 2014 keynote speaker Zubin Damania, MD, and his alter ego ZDoggMD delivered a template for any physician — or group of physicians — to redefine the culture of medicine and return joy to their practice. He described his journey from idealism to burnout and back again with the creation of Turntable Health, a unique primary care practice in Las Vegas. “We are the smartest, most creative, educated, brilliant people on the planet, and we’re treated like crap, and it’s time that it stopped,” he said. “And this is a way to do it that we stand up, individually and together, to make it happen.” (Watch video.) Comparing modern day medicine to “crappy MP3s made up of zeroes and ones that you stole off the Internet,” Dr. Damania said he chose “Turntable Health” to reflect the fact that “medicine is a warm, analog relationship.”

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