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Monday, May 5, 2014


Ratifying a position TMA has pushed in Congress and at AMA, the House of Delegates adopted a resolution directing that TMA “work to permanently delay the implementation of ICD-10.” One delegate tweeted, “If they want our data, then they should pay us for it.” Delegates also:

  • Called for changes in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to prevent recoupment of payments to physicians made during the ACA grace period when physicians have not received adequate notice that the patient has not paid his or her premiums; 
  • Adopted resolutions to fight air pollution and improve immunization rates; 
  • Said Congress should permanently adopt Medicare payment parity for Medicaid services provided by primary care physicians and extend that parity to all other specialties; 
  • Directed TMA to work with other organizations to “aggressively pursue the reduction or elimination of as much of the documentation burden as possible”; 
  • Established new TMA policy on the number of attempts and amount of time allotted for passage of medical licensing exams; 
  • Called for insurance companies to provide real-time adjudication of claims; 
  • Approved a phased-in dues increase of up to $12 per year for five years; and 
  • Rejected a proposal to eliminate TMA’s International Medical Graduate Section.   

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