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Monday, May 5, 2014


Saying he will work to stop physicians from “being marginalized out of the health care debate,” Abilene otolaryngologist Austin King, MD, became the 149th president of TMA at TexMed 2014. “We think that because we had to suffer through organic [chemistry] and all those courses, because every year we had to go back to the bank and borrow more and more money, we think that we’re entitled,” he said. “We’re not entitled, we are privileged. Society has granted physicians privileges that it has granted to no other. We hold the scales of life and death for our patients.” The new president of the TMA Alliance is Angela Donahue, RN, of Fort Worth. She spoke of the pivotal role the alliance plays in TEXPAC, First Tuesdays at the Capitol, and the TMA Foundation.

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