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Monday, April 21, 2014


 My latest post at Forbes.com talks about the tremendous investment opportunities health care reform is bringing to nearly every sector of the health care economy. Pharmaceutical companies have more patients to buy drugs; insurers have more lives to cover; for-profit hospitals have more people to put in their beds or run through their imaging centers; electronic health records vendors have government clout to force physicians to buy their products. Doctors, however, aren’t quite positioned to put such a positive spin on the outsized increase in demand for health care services. “From the physicians’ perspective, it means more patients in need of even more services in an era of over-regulation, incessant red-tape, and stagnant incomes,” Physicians Foundation CEO Tim Norbeck and I write in “Why Healthcare Is A Good Investment For Insurance, Pharmaceutical And Technology Companies - But Not For Physicians.” Do you agree? Let me know.

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