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Monday, March 10, 2014


The profession of medicine is much more than the practice of medicine, former TMA President Rob Tenery, MD, reminds us in his new book Bedside Manners. Through a series of easy-to-read but thought-provoking essays, accompanied by 99 guiding axioms, Dr. Tenery walks us through physicians’ interactions with patients, colleagues, payers, bureaucrats, politicians, even the news media. He constantly refers back to the art of medicine — perceived by patients and others as a physician’s bedside manner. “The pioneers of medicine were introduced to this profession in an era when taking care of patients was considered an act of beneficence and not just a transaction,” he writes in a blog post the launches his new book. “When undesirable outcomes were accepted as ‘acts of God’ and not misdiagnoses. When medicine was a calling to most and not just a vocation. Advances in the science, third-party payment systems, marketing and fear of reprisals have changed all that. Unfortunately, there is no going back! What have not changed are the patients. Although they are no longer all accepting, they are still afraid. They still are in pain. They still want their physicians and the other medical professionals who care for them to care about them too.”

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