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Tuesday, February 25, 2014


It seems like there are two kinds of votes that take place on Capitol Hill. One kind, usually accompanied by lots of drama and debate flourishes, is intended more to make a political or policy statement and is cast in full knowledge that the other chamber or the other party would never even consider voting on the bill in question. The other kind of vote usually happens quickly, with House and Senate leaders unified behind a good piece of legislation they expect the president will sign. It’s our job to make sure that the vote on the Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) repeal bill (HR 4014/S 2000) is the second kind. We don’t need a vote just for show; we need a vote that finally removes the SGR albatross from physicians’ necks. The Coalition of State Medical Societies, which includes Texas and eight other states, is doing its part. We published a post in the widely read KevinMD blog this weekend. We’ll be in Washington next week to lobby Congress personally. What have you, as a leader of Texas medicine, done? Have you called or written Sens. John Cornyn and Ted Cruz and your U.S. representative using TMA’s Grassroots Action Center? Have you encouraged your friends, colleagues, patients, and staff to do the same? Have you shared our award-winning Grandma and the Big, Bad SGR video via email and your social media networks? Medicine’s grassroots power can make sure the vote on HR 4014/S 2000 is the right kind of vote, that we can repeal this annual disaster-maker and get on to working with Congress on casting some votes that begin to fix our health care system’s many other problems.

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