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Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Jim Bob Brame, MD, the former TMA president and still fiery family physician from Eldorado, is working to fire up his Concho Valley County Medical Society. In a speech last week, he gave his colleagues 10 years’ worth of reasons for belonging to TMA:

  • 2003 — Passed strong liability reform that’s working. 
  • 2003 — Passed prompt pay law that’s working. 
  • 2005 — Generated $1 billion-plus in relief for physicians through national class action suits against for-profit insurance companies. 
  • 2006 — Prevented onerous taxes on medical practices. 
  • 2007 — Won 25-percent increase in Texas Medicaid payments for physicians. 
  • 2008 — Convinced Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas to rescind plan to rate physicians on how cheaply we care for our patients. 
  • 2009 — Won passage of a bill defining fair ratings plans for physicians. 
  • 2010 — Opposed passage of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act (that doesn’t seem to be working very well at all). 
  • 2011 — Defended physicians’ clinical autonomy by protecting the ban on corporate practice of medicine. 
  • 2011 — Outlawed anonymous complaints to the Texas Medical Board. 
  • 2012 — Restored state payment of Medicare Part B deductible for patients covered by both Medicare and Medicaid. 
  • 2013 — Won passage of a bill defining physician-led, team-based care — stopping nurse practitioners’ drive for independent practice. 
  • 2014 — Preparing to launch TMA Physician Services Organization, which will provide products and services that help physicians survive against the big-money hospitals and insurance companies that want to gobble us up.

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