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Tuesday, September 3, 2013


What you do in September 2013 can make a big difference in how your practice fares come Oct. 1, 2014. That’s the mandatory date ― unless Congress acts, and we’re still working on that ― for all physicians, hospitals, and insurers, and Medicare and Medicaid, to switch to the ICD-10 coding system. If you haven’t started planning for that transition yet, you’re already behind. But TMA’s half-day workshop can help you catch up. Achieving ICD-10 Implementation Success will walk you through the first three steps to start the ICD-10 transition and detail exactly what you need to do in all areas of your practice. It will cover all the basics from initial organizational setup through post-implementation assessment. The seminar series will cover the state, from Amarillo to Harlingen, from Sept. 9-27. Register today at the special member price.

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