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Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Hospital systems are playing rough as they work to control physicians in markets all across the state. That’s the unfortunate conclusion I have to draw after our annual meeting with senior staff of Texas county medical societies. Seventeen staff members from 15 counties gathered in Dallas for the meeting. They came prepared to address health care issues from the perspectives of their local markets, and what I would call “hospital system aggression” was the common theme that came through. Although I believe we are much more effective when medicine and hospitals work together, I also know that the hospitals can’t take care of patients by themselves. They need physicians. One of the goals of the TMA PSO project is to give physicians the tools they need to survive independently or to negotiate with hospitals from a position of strength. Be sure to catch the formal kickoff of the PSO project at TMA’s 2013 Fall Conference next month in Austin.

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