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Monday, June 24, 2013


Whether it’s the Obama Administration, the Texas Legislature, or city hall, government has no place telling physicians how to practice medicine. That’s the purview of your profession and scientific evidence. And that’s the message TMA delivered to lawmakers in Austin debating a series of bills to add new state regulations to abortion. “Our concerns with Senate Bill 5 and House Bill 60 are not based on any position on abortion,” TMA President Steve Brotherton, MD, wrote in a letter distributed to Texas House members Sunday before a marathon debate that extended past 4 am. “Rather, our concerns are with legislative intrusion into the patient-physician relationship and the details of the practice of medicine, and with a legislatively created standard of care. … TMA is concerned this legislation sets a dangerous precedent of the legislature prescribing the details of the practice of medicine. These are determinations to be made by the medical community and science, not by the legislature.”

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