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Monday, May 20, 2013


 In the first three-way race for the top that any of us can recall, the TMA House of Delegates chose Abilene otolaryngologist Austin King, MD, as president-elect. Dr. King will take office at TexMed 2014 in Fort Worth. All three candidates ran excellent, competitive races. We also had an unprecedented eight outstanding candidates seeking four seats on the TMA Board of Trustees. I see this as a great sign of the vibrancy and strength of our organization. Election results include:
  • Drs. Tom Garcia and Doug Curran were reelected to the Board of Trustees. David Fleeger, MD, of Austin, and Linda Villarreal, MD, of Edinburg, won new seats on the board. The new resident trustee is Vinh Nguyen, MD, a family practice resident at Memorial Hospital in Houston. The new student trustee is Blair Cushing of the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine.
  • Cliff Moy, MD, and Susan Strate, MD, were reelected speaker and vice speaker of the house.
  • Newly elected alternate delegates to the Texas Delegation to the American Medical Association are Drs. Greg Fuller, of Fort Worth, and Bill Gilmer, of Houston.
  • The Board of Trustees elected Carlos Cardenas, MD, as chair; Don Read, MD, as vice-chair; Dr. Villarreal as secretary; and Drs. David Henkes and Lewis Foxhall to the Executive Committee.

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