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Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Gary Floyd, MD, past chair of TMA’s Council on Legislation, came to the Capitol to testify against a bill that could undermine the beneficial effects our tort reform victories of 2003 and unduly interfere with the Texas Medical Board’s (TMB’s) and hospital peer review process. We support a strong, but fair, Texas Medical Board and continue to work to protect Texas doctors from unfair TMB prosecution. Weakening the medical board, however, could let us slip back to the days when far too many physicians were subjected to civil lawsuits, courtroom proceedings, and the iniquities of overly ambitious trial lawyers. Physicians have always imposed the highest ethical and professional values upon themselves, such as robust peer review. We oppose Senate Bill 1193 because it could keep good doctors from providing quality peer review of TMB complaints. “At TMA, for over 150, years we have vowed that we’d practice sound ethical medicine and protect patient safety,” Dr. Floyd said. “It’s very important that any observation that would threaten patient safety could be reported in a manner that whoever’s complaining … would be assured that there won’t be any type of retaliation.”

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