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Monday, March 4, 2013

TMA Statement Stands Up for Patient-Physician Relationship

TMA submitted an official comment letter outlining our concerns about Senate Bill 97 by Sen. Dan Patrick (R-Houston). The bill was left pending after a hearing in the Senate Health and Human Services Committee. The bill directs what a physician must do when selling, dispensing, and administering an abortion-inducing drug to a pregnant woman. TMA does not take a position on abortion. However, we do oppose legislation when it interferes in the patient-physician relationship, dictates how physicians should care for their patients, and could limit legitimate medical care unrelated to abortion. “The sanctity of the patient-physician relationship is the foundation of health care in America,” Dr. Speer wrote in the letter for TMA. “Patients must be able to trust that their physicians are always acting in each patient’s individual best interests.”

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