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Monday, February 4, 2013


Anglo Texans will soon be a vanishing species, fixing Medicaid requires innovation and hard work, and TMA Foundation donors make a big difference, speakers at our 2013 winter conference said:
  • “People who look like me are dying off, and we will not be replaced,” former State Demographer Steve Murdock said in a data-packed presentation that paints a picture of significantly increasing demand for health care services over the next 40 years.
  • Dr. Lazarus highlighted AMA’s advocacy victories and its search for medical education reforms.
  • Health and Human Services Commissioner Kyle Janek, MD, said physicians can loosen some of Medicaid’s strict regulations by devising promises to improve quality of care. Dr. Zerwas and a panel of physician experts discussed the problems with Medicaid and prospects for change.
  • The TMA Foundation (TMAF) presented its 2013 John P. McGovern Champion of Health Awards to Austin’s Hope Medical Clinic and the Pediatric Obesity Symposium of New Braunfels. TMAF announced new physician major donors and recognized Dr. and Mrs. Ernest C. Butler of Austin for donations totaling more than $1 million

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