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Monday, October 8, 2012


Are you ready for Novitas? On Nov. 19, Florida-based Novitas Solutions replaces TrailBlazer Health Enterprises as the Medicare carrier in Texas. That means a new way to get payments into your bank account, new local coverage determination policies, and new names and phone numbers for questions and problems. TMA has a quartet of helpful servings to make sure you’re prepared:
  1. Your first stop should always be our transition resource center at www.texmed.org/novitas.
  2. Don’t miss our free transition webinar this Wednesday at noon (CT), especially for office managers and administrators.
  3. Pick up your home phone at 8 pm (CT) Oct. 25 for a TMA tele-town hall meeting, hosted by TMA President Michael Speer, MD, with our staff experts and the Novitas transition leader.
  4. Beginning Oct. 30, our can’t-miss Medicare seminar series begins touring the state. We have last-minute tips for the Novitas transition plus our usual array of news and suggestions to keep your practice out of trouble and keep your Medicare payments arriving on time.  

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