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Monday, April 16, 2012


Following a trend that led to bidding wars for clerkship spots in New York, the American University of the Caribbean is seeking state approval to bring its third- and fourth-year medical students to Texas for training clerkships. TMA and all nine Texas medical schools have expressed our serious concerns about the proposal now before the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. Particularly as we work to increase the state’s capacity to produce more home-grown physicians, Texas cannot afford to pay more for — or lose — slots of students’ clinical training. “We believe our citizens and students would expect none other than for us to take a firm position on the need to ensure there is sufficient capacity for core clerkships for our students in the state, that our schools are not compromised by forces beyond their control in upholding our nation’s rigorous accreditation standards, and that we are afforded adequate oversight of our clinical faculty and students in clinical settings,” the nine schools wrote in a letter to the coordinating board.

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