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Monday, April 16, 2012


The final form of TMA’s Healthy Vision 2020, our strategic roadmap for TMA’s state and federal advocacy initiatives for the remainder of the decade, is coming into focus. We sent a draft of the detailed document to TMA’s policy councils for their review and comment. The next stop is the Board of Trustees, which we will ask to forward the plan to the TMA House of Delegates next month. Healthy Vision makes eight key recommendations for improving health care and maintaining the viability of physicians’ practices in Texas. They are:
  1. Ensure an adequate health care workforce;
  2. Protect physicians’ independent medical judgment;
  3. Promote efficient and effective new models of care;
  4. Repeal harmful and onerous state and federal regulations;
  5. Invest in prevention;
  6. Protect and promote a fair civil justice system;
  7. Provide appropriate state and federal funding for physician services; and
  8. Establish fair and transparent insurance markets for patients, employers, taxpayers, and physicians.

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Danny said...

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