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Monday, October 24, 2011


We unveiled a brand-new TMA service designed to help you keep up — and comply — with the onslaught of new state and federal regulations and insurance company rules governing medical practices. Our Calendar of Doom lists all of the key deadlines you need to know about and connects you with the resources you need to understand them and lead your practice away from the precipice. “As bad as it sounds, I am quite hopeful that the Calendar of Doom will be a good thing … a very good thing … for you and all Texas physicians,” TMA President Bruce Malone, MD, said as he unveiled the calendar at 2011 TMA Fall Conference. “I think it will be good because the demands to comply with growing state and federal regulations are so onerous, and because so few of us are really prepared for it all. The Calendar of Doom will provide a great opportunity for TMA to demonstrate tremendous value to our members.” Joining Dr. Malone in reviewing some of the key doomsday scenarios were Drs. Dan McCoy of the TMA Board of Trustees, Gary Floyd of the Council on Legislation, Matt Murray of the Council on Health Care Quality, Charles Stiernberg of the Council on Health Care Quality, Joe Todd of the TEXPAC Board, and some outstanding TMA staff members. We videotaped the presentations and will share a link in next week’s EVPGram.

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