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Monday, June 20, 2011


It seems like it’s been all politics all the time here in Chicago at the annual meeting of the AMA House of Delegates. Former TMA President Sue Bailey, MD, is campaigning hard in her race for vice speaker of the AMA house. Her support team includes Drs. Melissa Garretson, Dawn Buckingham, David Fleeger, and Dan McCoy, but the entire Texas Delegation to the AMA is making contacts on Dr. Bailey’s behalf. The election is tomorrow morning. Meanwhile, we’re proud to announce that Houston’s Russ Kridel, MD, has already won his race for reelection to the AMA Council on Science and Public Health. On the policy side, the big debates continue to focus on AMA’s support for the health system reform law. Delegates in one reference committee spent several hours Sunday talking about whether AMA should continue to back the mandate for all Americans to buy health insurance. Another committee tackled a long list of improvements that need to be made in the law ― along the lines of TMA's Find It, Fix It, Keep It campaign.

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