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Monday, April 18, 2011


Whether promoting TMA’s legislative agenda — Caring for Patients in a Time of Change — or explaining our concerns with less-than-perfect bills, TMA members make a big difference when they volunteer to testify before House and Senate committees. This week, we want to thank:

  • TMA President-Elect Bruce Malone, MD, testified against House Bill 3753 by Rep. Phil King (R-Weatherford). The bill would allow one relatively large hospital in Decatur to employ physicians.
  • Keller pediatrician Jason Terk, MD, testified in support of HB 574 by Rep. Donna Howard (D-Austin). This bill would make the state’s immunization registry — ImmTrac ― an “opt-out” registry vs. an “opt-in” one.
  • Cardiologist Paul Tucker, MD, and hospitalist Amy Arrant, MD, both from Austin, testified against HB 3520 by Rep. Bryan Hughes (R-Mineola). The bill would force physicians and hospitals to provide futile care indefinitely.
  • Council on Legislation member Dawn Buckingham, MD, testified in support of a committee substitute for HB 1534 by Rep. Craig Eiland (D-Galveston) before the House Insurance Committee. The measure is a first step toward ensuring transparent and appropriate actions by rental networks and so-called “silent PPOs.”
  • Council on Legislation member Sara Austin, MD, testified on HB 1809 by Rep. Senfronia Thompson (D-Houston). She highlighted TMA’s concerns about a bill that would establish a registration and accrediting process for nonhospital imaging centers and facilities, at an unknown expense.
  • Houston pathologist Susan N. Rossmann, MD, PhD, testified in support of HB 2063 by Rep. Hubert Vo (D-Houston). This bill would allow state employees to have up to five days of leave without a salary reduction to donate adult stem cells.

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