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Monday, October 4, 2010


An accurate membership list is the heart of any medical society. I’m proud to announce that we have a very healthy heart. It’s much more than a list. It’s a complex piece of business software known as iMIS that drives almost every TMA business function. We’re so good at using it that Advanced Solutions International (ASI), the software vendor, awarded us silver status in the iMIS Business Excellence Forum. ASI cited our development of an automated dues processing system and our focus on measuring results, and said we have “become an industry leader” by supporting Texas county medical societies and other state medical associations with their use of iMIS. “Rarely do we encounter a non-profit that is as focused on performance measurement, planning, and continuous improvement as TMA,” said Nathan Slovin, executive director of ASI’s Business Excellence Forum. Congratulations to TMA Chief Operating Officer John Dorman and his team.

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