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Monday, August 24, 2009


In courthouses, clinics, hospitals, and schools across Texas, TMA and county medical societies are conducting “passionate but calm” discussions among physicians and patients about health system reform. TMA’s “House Calls” give physicians the opportunity to hear their patients’ hopes, fears, and concerns about the health care overhaul legislation that’s brewing in Washington, D.C. The main themes we’ve heard so far: Patients love their physicians and the life-saving treatments they provide, both patients and physicians oppose more intrusion into health care decisions by either the government or private insurance companies, and patients and physicians both fear the unknown consequences of the massive health care reform bills. We’ve seen scattered support for HR 3200, the only legislation actually on paper, mostly from the event here in Austin and from some primary care physicians. Join us this week for House Calls in Houston, Beaumont, and San Antonio on Tuesday; Houston and Corpus Christi on Wednesday; and Lubbock on Thursday. Next week we’ll make House Calls in Fort Worth and Wichita Falls. If you can’t attend, we’re streaming live video from most of the House Calls on ustream.tv.

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