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Monday, April 21, 2008


One of the (many) reasons Austin is better than Washington, D.C., is a little rule in the Texas Legislature that requires amendments to bills to have at least something in common with the bill itself. Congress has no such requirement. That explains why the American Hospital Association (AHA) keeps trying to slap restrictions on physician ownership willy-nilly on every piece of legislation that looks like it actually might pass. The 2008 Farm Bill was the
latest vehicle for such chicanery, but TMA, the American Medical Association, and others mounted the political muscle to remove the amendment. We really appreciate the calls you made to Congress to turn that around.

Speaking of appreciation, TMA congratulates U.S. Reps. Sam Johnson (R-Plano) and Rubén
Hinojosa (D-Edinburg) for alerting their congressional colleagues to some AHA propaganda that misrepresents the quality of care provided by physician-owned hospitals. "Your joint letter to your colleagues proves that this is neither a Republican nor Democratic issue; rather it is an issue of immense importance to Texas physicians and our patients," TMA President Bill Hinchey, MD, wrote in a letter to the two congressmen.

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