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Monday, December 10, 2007


Congress has just a few days left to work this year before a 10.1-percent cut in physicians’ Medicare payments kicks in on Jan. 1. For physicians in most parts of Texas, the cut will be even greater. We urge all Texas physicians to call Sens. John Cornyn and Kay Bailey Hutchison and their representative today to deliver this three-part message:
  • Congress must act, before the year-end recess, to stop the 10.1-percent cut planned for 2008 and to enact payment increases that cover physicians’ costs of caring for patients.
    Congress must dedicate new funding to ensure physicians are paid appropriately for the services provided. We cannot dig the hole any deeper. Putting off payment leads us further down the road toward devastating problems for physicians, patients, and the Congress.
  • There is no acceptable solution other than a permanent fix to the sustainable growth rate funding formula. Anything less amounts to the government abandoning its commitment to senior citizens and Texans with disabilities.
  • What's wrong with Medicare? What can be done to save it? Podcast TMA posed these questions to three TMA leaders. Listen to the show and post your own thoughts in the “COMMENTS” section.

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